Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Time!

It's summer time! So, I'm hoping that I can get caught up (or ahead) with these darling blocks! Hubby is finished with chemo and we're now waiting to hear from the transplant team. It's been quite the ride thus far and we know that it's not over yet. These blocks really are soothing. I sometime wonder how Jane Sickle must have felt when she was making her blocks in war time. I'm sure it was probably something similar to how I feel working on these. Quilting definitely is the best therapy!


  1. Your blocks are coming along beautifully!! I know you said you were going to do two of them, is that still the case? Are you going to work on them at the same time, or are you going to finish one first?? Hope all is well and you are having a beautiful summer!

  2. Josie - I still am making 2 blocks and I make them at the same time. It's easier to make them side by side. If I'm cutting one, I might as well cut 2! We are doing well. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Great to hear!! i do love you letting others be a part of your journey!! I agree it is SO theraputic!! can't wait for more! It (they)are coming along nicely!!