Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's definitely not perfect. But as I learned in a class once - BDTP! (Better Done Than Perfect!)


  1. My thoughts exactly!!
    But it looks pretty good to me.
    I haven't touched mine for ages. Must get back to it,
    I love that blue fabric. Who's is it?

  2. Mine are FAR from perfect! But when you put them all together the imerfections will make for a very personal quilt!! I love it!!

  3. moollin - Thank you. I'll have to see if I still have a selvedge. I've been collecting blues & red wherever I can find them!

    I used to stress over all my blocks if they weren't just so. I knew they weren't perfect, but it would really bother me when I could totally tell that something was wrong. However, after taking this one class and she told us about the BDTP idea, it just made sense & yes, Josie, it will be very personal! :-)

  4. moollin - The fabric I used for this block is from Quilting Treasure's & it's part of their Quilting Essentials line.