Saturday, June 2, 2012


Slowly, but surely!  I just don't seem to make time to work on these quilts like I should.  But I'm getting there.  I'm currently 58% finished!  I have made 98 blocks with a total of 1919 pieces.  My hubby is doing fabulous!  He's back to work full-time, playing basketball and feeling good!  His brother is also doing well.  It truly has been a Miracle!  I would really like to have these quilts totally finished by Thanksgiving.  That will be our 1 year anniversary of the transplant.  I think it would be fitting to give them the quilts on the anniversary & Thanksgiving!  I don't know if it'll actually happen, but I'm gonna get my tail moving and see what I can accomplish.  Isn't writing it down & telling someone the 1st step?  That means that I have to make about 4 blocks a week.  YIKES!  Maybe I'm a little out there.  I'm still going to go for it!  I CAN DO THIS!


Since I'm making 2 quilts (1 for my hubby & 1 for my brother-in-law who donated his kidney), I always make 2 blocks at the same time.  Usually they are basically identical, but I had this large tossed circus print, so I fussy cut 2 different animals for the center.  Didn't they turn out adorable!?!