Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Journey

In November 2010, my husband was diagnosed with Rapid Progressive Glomerulonepheritis (RPGN). It's a really aggressive autoimmune disease that is specific to the lungs and the kidneys. He was lucky that thus far, it has not attacked his lungs. However, it was totally killed his kidneys. They have shut down and he is on dialysis three times a week until we have a transplant.

As a quilter, my therapy comes in the form of quilting! Needing to have a quilt to work on while sitting with him, I decided to make a quilt block for each day he's on dialysis. A Dear Jane quilt seemed like the perfect option! Thus, started my Miracle Dear Jane Quilt!

I will be making 2 of each of the blocks. One will go into my husband's quilt and the other will be placed in a second quilt which will go to the donor when the time comes. The donors quilt will be a mirror image of my husbands.

So, here's to my Miracle Dear Jane journey!